ACT NOW coalition supports a price on carbon

Taxing polluters could promote renewable energy, help keep our air and water clean, provide tax relief, and fund healthy forests and vital state services.

jason-blackeye-138263Climate Change is a moral and economic threat to Washington State. One of the most efficient and effective policies to reduce carbon emissions is a price on carbon pollution. We urge the Washington State legislature to enact a price on pollution as a measure to uphold our obligation to future generations.

Pricing carbon pollution this legislative session can and must be bipartisan including input from Republicans, Democrats, business leaders, social justice leaders, climate policy experts, and the public.

A price on carbon pollution will generate revenue that could be used to provide tax relief for citizens, in particular, low-income communities, funding for healthy forests and clean water, acceleration of the clean energy economy and vital state services.

The ACT NOW coalition supports the passage of a broad-based price on carbon pollution that efficiently and equitably meets our obligation to reduce pollution and fulfill Washington’s core responsibility to protect our environment and our kids, now and in the future.

ACT NOW (Advocates for a Carbon Tax NOW) is a grassroots non-partisan coalition.

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Our Environment: Ellensburg

Saltwater Unitarian Climate Action Team

120+ carbon tax supporters lobby Washington’s state legislators

Concerned citizens fanned out across the State Capitol campus the afternoon of April 20. Their mission: Contact as many senators and representatives as possible. Their message: “We need an effective and equitable carbon tax — and we need it this session!”

carbon tax lobby day

About 70 people — from Carbon Washington, Audubon Washington, the League of Women Voters and other groups in the ACT NOW coalition — visited legislators and aides in person. Another 60 or so made phone calls from around the state. When the day was over, every legislator in Olympia had received information about ACT NOW and the need to pass a carbon tax this year.

Four bills that include a carbon tax are now before the legislature. The most recent is SB 5930, introduced by Sen. Guy Palumbo. You can read an analysis of this bill by Carbon Washington.

Carbon taxes have also been in the news in recent days:

ACT NOW is not taking a position on any specific policy, but wants to help ensure that legislators put a price on carbon in Washington State this year.